Letter to Glasgow Rangers Football Club regarding Administration

by Teekosey

This issue really got my goat.  If you commit the crime do the time.  It seems to me that the club and everyone associated with the administration process is trying to get Ranger’s off the hook.  But i looked at the issue from a different point of view, a more holistic approach with Scottish football in general in my mind.  Read on to see my assessment.  This letter was sent to Glasgow Rangers FC and copied to The Scottish FA, The FA and the administrators overseeing the process David Whitehouse at  Duff &Phelps.

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Glasgow Rangers FC

Ibrox Stadium


G51 2XD

F.A.O. The Chairman

20 March 2012

Dear Sirs

Having read about the plight of Glasgow Rangers FC I felt compelled to write to you to provide you with an alternative solution to your problems.

Before I continue I will say that I am neither a Rangers fan, Scottish nor have even lived in Scotland.  In fact I have never visited the country, yet.  I am a fan of the beautiful game.  I love football, any division and any league.  It’s just the very best game and form of entertainment.

I was sad to hear that Rangers went into administration; I’ve always looked out for them since one of my footballing heros as kid growing up played for the club.  Paul Gascoigne.  It seems incredible that teams, especially ones that compete in Europe and with such a rich history can end up in this financial position.

I always found it weird when teams go into administration that the process is not complete.  I appreciate that teams need to exist, as football clubs are more than businesses, they mean something to the people by inspiring and motivating people on a daily basis, some might even say that its close to being a religion.  However if the same financial situation was found upon a regular business they would be wound up and the staff culled.  At the very least the staff would be significantly reduced.  In football whilst the administrator comes in and tries to free up money and the running costs of the club, they still try to leave the club in a competitive position on the playing field.  This is where I find it wrong.  Portsmouth FC are a prime example.  This team went into administration.  Therefore they had no option but to reduce the playing staff of high earners amongst other cost saving exercises.  However some two years on I am reading that they are on the verge of administration once more.  Now fair enough you may say, but a quick glace at the Internet reveals that since this time they have signed a number of professional players.  Players that command reasonable wages and some that required a transfer fee. Where did this money come from. This does not sit right, does it?

I believe that more radical measures should be carried out.  Measures that a club in your position can take on the chin and ultimately benefit from.  I believe that in times of administration that first team playing staff should be made redundant/ sold off.  Therefore reducing the biggest running cost of a top-flight club.  I thought this should happen for many years, but it wasn’t until I heard that a club as big as Rangers had got theirselves into such problems that I thought I should make my voice heard.

By reducing the staff it would present the opportunity for Rangers, a top-flight team, to play their young promising players who are coming through on the youth ranks (17/18/19 year olds).  Imagine a season for these kids playing on the TV each week and playing in big games in front of big crowds.  They would gain experience and I’m sure the fans would get behind a team of home grown youngsters busting a gut for their team.  You won’t win the league, you might not even come close and you will probably struggle but what you would do is start a new generation of Scottish players.

I read and hear about the plight of Scottish football domestically and internationally. Too many foreign players at the big teams, extortionate wages for players who are not worth it and youth policy that clearly isn’t working.  What an opportunity to bring through the next crop of talent and give them the best grounds to develop.  In two years time you could have settled you debts, have a team of home grown stars with some experience and be a template for world football.  As I said at the start I’m not a fan, but I just feel that Rangers could cope with such drastic measures and come out the other side with such benefit for the club and your national side.

Maybe you will read this and discard it and just say that investment is on its way and we can carry on as we have been, fair enough I wouldn’t blame you.  But sometimes things need rebuilding, sometimes people have to be brave and sometimes people need to be the example for others.

Many thanks for your time.

Yours Faithfully