My Letter to Steve Kean, Manager of Blackburn Rovers FC

by Teekosey

This is an interesting one. A letter to under the cosh Manager Steve Kean.  Since i wrote this letter he’s taken Blackburn Rovers FC down to the championship, by finishing 19th.  Now don’t get me wrong i am in  no way arguing as to whether Kean is or isnt a good or bad manager in this piece of correspondence.  My own personal view at the start of the season was that Blackburn had the poorest squad in the league, but had the cherry of Yakubu who might be able to do something.  A fair assessment.

Fans getting the manager the sack is the meat of this.  The season started with Steve Bruce then Neil Warnock and lastly Mick McCarthy.  All sacked in my opinion not just for performing poorly but because of fan intervention.  Maybe the difference between Kean and the rest is that he keep going and kept talking the good game, always positive even after he’s been abused.  I just cant get an image out of my head of an old man in the crowd, screaming kean out and other expletives spitting all over the joint looking like his head would explode and waving a ‘Kean out’ banner.  MOTD showed this chap over and over again one evening.  Craziest thing is that this was only a third into the season. I backed Kean to saved them from that day.   The fans may hate the Venky’s but backing the team and protesting by other methods may have given the side a chance, a chance i didnt even give them at the start of the season regardless of the Venky..

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Steve Kean


Blackburn Rovers Football Club
Ewood Park,

4 May 2012

Mr Kean,

I am writing this letter to congratulate you on demonstrating unequivocal optimism and professionalism throughout your tenure as Blackburn Rovers FC Manager thus far.

Whilst I am not a supporter of Blackburn Rovers FC, I am a fan of the beautiful game and all that it entails.  Therefore I write to express my disappointment in the Blackburn Rovers fans for excessively demonstrating their disappointment against you and the club throughout the season.  This can only have worked against what you and the team have been trying to achieve.  As you can see from the date of this letter I do not know whether you have managed to steer to club away from the relegation zone. However, at the present time it does not look good and I wonder whether the fans will look back at their protests during the first half of the season and wish they had backed the team.

Anyway I am sure we can all appreciate how the modern game has been affected recently by the media, money and social media, which has led to a change in the way the fans react.  In light of this I can only commend you with the way you have managed to behave through this time.  From an outsider I can only express what a credit you have been to the Premier League this season.

It may mean nothing coming from a no one, but I felt compelled to write to you after backing you all season.

Well done Steve and good luck in the future.