My Letter to Stuart Pearce Re Beckham and Team GB

by Teekosey

Stuart Pearce is a yes man who i think has become particularly fortunate in his career path. Team GB should have been given to a man who deserves the role as manager instead it was given to the easy option. I think it is appalling that no Irish or Scottish players have been selected. But my biggest gripe? the absence of David Beckham from the squad.

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Mr Stuart Pearce

Team GB Mens Football Manager

Wembley Stadium
PO Box 1966

10 July 2012

Dear Mr Pearce,

I have noted the selections you have made for the Team GB men’s football team for the up coming 2012 Olympics due to be held here in the United Kingdom. You have selected an interesting squad, which may well surprise some of the other competing nations if tactics are correctly applied, however this is not the reason for my letter.

This will be the first major occasion for some considerable time that Great Britain has put forward a football team for the Olympics, which I’m sure your aware of. It is widely thought that football is not an Olympic sport. Whilst there are a number of sports that do fall under the Olympic banner most fans of sport do in fact believe that professional widely commercial sports should not be included. This is particularly prevalent within sports that have world championships that are seen by some as being as important and as big as the Olympics in its entirety. This has I believe been reflected in poor tickets sales.

The nub of my letter is the surprise absence of Mr David Beckham from the squad as one of the over aged players. Many people have cited that he should be included due to his involvement in Great Britain being awarded the games. I do not share that view as it is clearly as ridiculous as it sounds. Whereas you have stated that Mr Beckham was not included for football grounds. I do not buy this and neither does the majority of the public. You have also stated that form plays a big part and implied that the squad was selected on this merit alone. This argument dissipates by virtue of the selection of Mr Craig Bellamy, a player whose form was patchy at best and was only selected to start 11 of the 28 games Liverpool FC partook in 2012. In addition to this I have heard many commentators stating they believe Mr Beckham could have been a useful squad member for the recent Euro 2012 team.

I know many people who were looking forward to the Olympics. Not because they are in London or that it is one of the major spectacles in world sport but for the simple fact of seeing Mr Beckham pull on a shirt for his country once more. A player and man who is passionate about his country and someone who can genuinely pull the crowds. A call up would have been a fitting milestone in the former England Captain’s career. Winning in this instance is not important, this discipline of the tournament will no doubt be forgotten before it has ended, its about entertainment and drawing the crowds and from where I am standing that is part of your job.

I think it is safe to say that there will not be another Team GB men’s football team for some considerable time if ever again. Therefore there is no building of a squad for the future required. The selection of the squad is a one off event and this should be been carried out with criteria that reflects this. I.e a cross selection of home nations represented by players deserving of the call up to be Olympians. Unfortunately it appears that the squad has been selected based on players you have previously managed with the additional of a small number of the star turns from the Welsh National team.

Since hearing the squad announcement I have heard of numerous people who are debating whether to attend the Olympic football based solely on your decision to omit Mr Beckham. Considering the poor uptake of tickets, this would be a disaster for organisers.

In spite of the above I genuinely hope that Team GB pick up as many medals as possible at the forthcoming games, I just hope that you have not simply tried to make a name for your self off the back of this decision as it could have been such a fitting moment for many fans around the world.

Yours Sincerely