My Letter to Ledley King Following Retirement

by Teekosey

Few Facts for you regarding Ledley King

Career spanning 17 seasons
Club Captain
323 Club appearances
14 Goals
1 Major honour – Carling Cup, also a losing finalist twice.
21 International Caps

Harry Redknapp called him a freak, he barely got booked and was Thierry Henry most difficult opponent but the subject of his most famous chant John Terry has vastly surpassed him and won it all with lesser ability.  It’s all ifs and but with Ledley but its a massive shame he’s called it a day for all fans for the EPL.

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Ledley King
Tottenham Hotspur Football Club
Bill Nicholson Way
748 High Road
N17 0AP

20 July 2012

Dear Ledley,

I am writing this letter to congratulate you on an esteemed career at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.  Whilst not picking up the merited quota of silverware that many will argue that you deserved (1 major honour) you did however reach a level of football many people have and will continue to dream about, in being the captain of one of the biggest teams in Europe and becoming a full international for England.

But this letter is not about reminiscing or talking about what you could and should have achieved because this is subjective and unnecessary.  This letter is about what you did achieve and how you did it.

For some years you played with a prohibitive knee injury, which meant that normal training was difficult and as such training was devised to enable you to participate in the maximum amount of competitive matches.  How such a training programme was implemented and adopted that enabled you to continue playing at the highest level is a credit to you and your training partners.  But what makes it even more credible is the level of performance you managed to provide for your team and to the fans. More so this is reflected in that fact that you were always selected when available and statistical evidence dictates that results were considerably poorer when you did not play.

It has been announced that you will now take up an ambassadorial role at the club.  Reading between the lines it appears to be the case that you may well have been able to carry on playing to some extent, but have decided to hang up the boots rather than play elsewhere.  The fans will hold you in high esteem for that decision as one club men are a rarity in the modern game, however we will never know had the injuries not held you back whether you could have prospered at another club or whether the club would have been able to turn down enormous transfer fees that would no doubt have been offered.

For me, as a fan of the game I am in awe of what you actually did achieve and what a fantastic role model you are to kids growing up in and out of football.  You have taught them that no matter what obstacles and difficulties are in your way you can still make it to the top and stay at the top if your genuinely want it. A true example to us all.

Well done Ledley and good luck in the future.