Response to My letter to Stuart Pearce Re Team GB Football and Beckham

by Teekosey

Well it’s a response from a no mark at the FA in response to my letter regarding David Beckham’s absence from the team and the general lack of quality or representation from the 4 nations.  Whilst its clear Stuart never saw the letter, i am pleased with the response and i admire the sarcasm of it’s contents.

We can now reflect upon the the Team GB as an entrant to the current Olympics.  ‘We’ went out on a penalty shoot-out, how inherently familiar.  Due to the nature of qualification (i.e position in the recent u21 european tournament vs automatic entry as host) we were never going to have a cohesive squad or team.  This was reflected in the pre tournament thrashing by Brazil.  In all honesty we played some OK stuff but looked leggy, which was too be expected.

Due the qualification required it is likely that Team GB as a footballing entity will not be seen for some time, even at future Olympics.  This really was one of my bones of contention.  Giggs and Bellamy were not selected on form or ability; they were selected as a gesture.  By the same token Beckham along with representatives of the other two nations should have been part of the side. It really is as simple as that.  The attendances for the GB matches were good, which was more to do with the Olympics in general, but as predicted the idea of football and supporting the side really did not catch on like the athletics, swimming and track events etc…

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Here is the letter in its entirety.