Response to my Letter to Blackburn Rovers FC Manager Steve Kean Re protests

by Teekosey

It took a while but the big man who single handedly ear marked John Terry’s successor wrote back.  The best thing about the response is that he enclosed a signed postcard of the man himself. I like this guy more and more.  As we all know ‘Steve’ didn’t manage to keep the club in the EPL, which i believe is a shame.  As i spoke about in my letter i believe fan power has gone too far.  I feel sorry for the fans of this club and relegation must be awful. But fans who expect their team to win and compete on the basis that they pay a lot of money are wrong. There has to be loser if there are to be winners.

Ultimately i’m sorry to say but the fans probably hindered their own teams performance with the in game protests (something the fans vehemently disagree with).  The team were, i believe, the joint 9th top scorers in the league, it was just the defence that let them down.  What needs to be remembered is that the entire back line of experienced players was replaced, some of which were particularly inexperienced.  Anyway it does not matter.  What does please me is that the club retained Mr Kean.  That is a real bold statement.  Something that in this modern day does not happen.

Good Luck Steve Kean with your promotion challenge.

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