The best apps that will get me through another season of football on iPhone and Android

by Teekosey

Not strictly a letter, well not a letter in the slightest but vitally important. At least for me. In this modern day were all buggering about with some kind of device in our sweaty palm day and night checking out all kinds of useless toot. But in terms of enriching our football experience there is a plethora of tit bits to enjoy. Below is a list of the apps that I will be using all season, all of which are thoroughly reccomended. I have an iphone and an android tablet and therefore the list will reflect this. In no particular order;

1. Sky Sports Scorecast

In addition to having a particularly pleasant picture of everyone’s favourite Soccer Saturday host Jeff Sterling on load up this is a top quality app. Its primary function is to detail up to date scores and it does this well in almost real time. In addition it gives the line up, benches substitions and cards. It has a formation layout too which is almost always humourously  wrong but that’s a minor detail. Covers the majority of leagues.


Its an app. An app that lists football that’s covered by the uk channels. Bit of a does what it say on the tin kind of app. Can get a free version that shows what on for the next few games. Good enough?

3. ESPN Goals

Very brief highlights of premiership matches. The quality is fairly low. Maybe better on better or bigger devices. Useful if you’ve a missed match and just want to see the goals.

4. Paddy Power

Whether your betting or not its good to know how the guys who make a business of predicting see it. May be better apps out there. But having an account with these guys I’m not exactly gonna be checking them all out. Plus these guys have a number of interesting bets you wont see elsewhere, so its good to have a gander.

5. Fourfourtwo Stats Zone

Awesome app. Now free too due some sort of colaboration with Coral betting. All kinds of stats available here. Team and individual. Works throughout the game, which is brilliant. It allows you the ability to assess an individuals impact on the game. This app allows you to make a mockery of the MOTD analysis. You can check out how many times liverpool miss the target, how many passes Arteta makes in the centre circle, how many bone cruching tackles Tiote attempts and much much more. No other app out there quite like this so its a must have. One of the few apps that would be worth a pound or two.

6. Twitter

Where were we before twitter. Its giving everyone the chance to talk utter toilet to noone on the net. But in the celebrity orientated world we now occupate were obbessed by what anyone remotely famous says. For the football fiends there are plently to attact our attention. Current footballers (home & abroad), ex footballers, pundits, journalists, stats services as well as chumps who think their ‘in the know’. A crucial companion for the football fan.

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