My Letter to Brendan Rodgers regarding Liverpool FC right back Glen Johnson

by Teekosey

Well the letter is pretty self explanatory, but i wrote this after Glen got selected for England first XI the other week. Every time he plays pundits say the same exact things about him being suspect defensively.  There’s a reason for that and i just thought hmmm..

Brendan Rodgers
Liverpool FC
Anfield Football Stadium
Anfield Road
L4 0TH

20 September 2012

Dear Brendan,

We all love football. However, we all seem to interpret the same thing slightly different. That’s one of the beautiful things about the beautiful game, I’m sure you will agree. Therefore I thought I would give you the benefit of my experience with an idea you may or may not have considered.

Glen Johnson. Superb footballer. No arguments there. Pacey dribbler. Two footed. Accurate striker of the ball. Big engine. Powerful. Sound footwork. But somewhat a liability defensively.  Having played top-flight premiership football for 4 clubs and internationally for England Glen has been exclusively deployed at either left or right back.

I think its time this changed. It’s time Glen fulfilled his potential as an attacking player. He has all the tools to easily adapt to playing in either wide position in the attacking 3 of a ‘433’ formation.  Whilst I have surmised this for some time I think considering the limited attacking options currently at Liverpool FC this seems a no brainer. I draw comparisons to Tottenham Hotspur FC player Gareth Bale. A left back converted into a winger come free role attacker. The comparisons are obvious. Similar style, build and abilities. I’m convinced Glen Johnson the winger come attacker is a minimum 15 goals a season player.

In a transitional season where you have limited attacking resources Glen could provide you with the answer to some of your problems. Instead of playing central players out wide  (Suarez, Borini etc..) they could concentrate on their best attributes.

As I said its something to consider. But unleashing Johnson the attacker would give you great pleasure, I’m sure. As a young, clever and adventurous coach you must agree nurturing real talent and getting the most out of the players is paramount. The Kop may question it initially but once it begins to prove successful they will love the rebirth of a new hero.  Be a brave coach.

Kind regards and all the best in the future.