My Letter to the Polish FA regarding my unnecessary expenditure following the postponement of the Poland Vs. England Fixture

by Teekosey

Clearly pedantic to the excessive extremes but worth a punt.


Grzegorz Lato
Polski Związek Piłki Nożnej
ul. Bitwy Warszawskiej 1920 r. 7
02-366 Warszawa

2 November 2012

To be read in English – Należy czytać w języku Angielskim

Mr Lato,

I am writing with regards to the Poland Vs England World Cup qualifying fixture scheduled to be played on 16 October 2012. As you are well aware due to heavy down pours, throughout the scheduled day, the fixture was unable to proceed due to a severely waterlogged pitch. This was despite the National Stadium in Warsaw benefiting from a state of the art roof and drainage/heating system. For reasons unexplained the roof was not utilised despite forecasts stipulating heavy rain.

A fiasco ensued over the course of the evening whereby the referee carried out a number of tests to see if the pitch would be playable. The match was called off over an hour after kick off was scheduled to begin. Eventually the match was rescheduled for the following day at 4pm UK time. I will just make the comment that this was massively disappointing. For most people in England this is during the working day so for the millions who had tuned in on the evening of the 16th they would in fact miss the game due to this ill-conceived rearrangement.

Onto the main point of my personal disappointment. I had been looking forward to the game. I am a massive England fan and love watching my country compete on the World stage, in fact I was in attendance at Wembley Stadium for the England vs San Marino fixtures some days earlier with my son. Therefore, I prepare accordingly to ensure my viewing experience is as enjoyable as possible. On this occasion I watched the game at home. However I decided to treat myself. I purchased two large bottles (660ml) of Budweiser Lager (£1.89 each) and ordered a large Texas BBQ pizza (£16.99) from Dominos Pizza for home delivery. I would not ordinarily have made the purchase of these items on a mid week evening. They were expressly obtained to complement what I had hoped would be an evening of entertainment. Instead I had to watch TV presenter Adrian Chiles along with football pundits Lee Dixon, Gareth Southgate and Roy Keane fill the studio with hot air for the duration. This somewhat left a bad taste in the mouth.

In light of the above I write to enquire as to whether you would be willing to provide me with suitable compensation for my unnecessary outlay. I trust you will be sympathetic to my situation.

Kind Regards