My letter to Roman Abramovich regarding the Chelsea FC managerial position

by Teekosey

Wrote this a week ago. Forgot to post it. Then amended it at the end of the week. Since then Chelsea have notched a league win. But I decided to post the letter on here regardless as the sentiment remains. All a bit of harmless fun, but definitely open to offers.

6 December 2012

Mr Roman Abramovich
Chelsea Football Club
Stamford Bridge
Fulham Road

Dear Mr Abramovich,

As owner of Chelsea Football club you have overseen the club transform from the edge of obscurity and mediocre to the very top of the game in terms of wealth, success, exposure and notoriety. Your money has influenced the British game to unseen before levels. This is now irreversible. Whilst many people feel this has had a negative effect on our game i personally have no problem with this or your achievements. I congratulate you on achieving the Champions League win last season, the missing piece in the clubs trophy cabinet and history.

You recently took the decision to relieve Mr DiMatteo of his duties as manager of the team after a mixed start. Mr DiMatteo oversaw the triumphs stated above in a very short space of time by turning the fortunes of the team towards the end of last season. Within two days of his dismissal you appointed Mr Benitez as Interim Manager. Mr Benitez has a fine pedigree in European football with expertise of the English Premier League. In my honest opinion on paper it is a fine choice. However the appointment has not been well received by some of the clubs fan base. You will be aware of the boos that rang out at the beginning of the Manchester City fixture and the organised demonstrations and banners that were clearly visible.

Since then the club has played four matches and have failed to achieve a meaningful win. Two scoreless draws and a defeat have been obtained under the Spaniards watch, plus a win in the UEFA Champions League that came too late.

Therefore, as I know you are a reactive and no nonsense owner I have decided to put my name forward as an alternative should you decide that Mr Benitez has taken the club as far as possible.

I have no expereince in managing a professional, semi professional, sunday league or youth football team. However, i am not applying to train or coach the players, nor am i prepared to get involved with agents and negotiate contracts or potential transfers although i would be prepared to provide some advice on the matter. I believe that in this instance a fresh face that can make the decisions on match days is the key. I would expect to be accompanied by an expereinced roster of backroom staff who would carryout training and dealing with the players issues directly.

I believe my key strengths are as follows;

  • 25 years experience watching, debating and analysing football.
  • A genuine love for the game
  • Expereince of the atmosphere in some of the biggest stadiums in world football (San Siro, Camp Nou, Bernabeu etc..)
  • The benifit of not being a supporter of Chelsea FC, therefore expect no emotional decisions.
  • My views and opinions on the game are based on what i have seen and expereienced, not forced upon me by a set of rules or read from a textbook.
  • An open mind when it comes to tactics, with an approach to outwitting an opponent.
  • Willingness to accept a competitive salary.

Ive often thought that reputation and previous records are held in too high regard when appointing a manager from overseas. There are plenty of examples of where this goes wrong, im sure you will appreciate me not giving you any examples. With me there are none of these complicated problems.

If you believe that I may be of any assistance I would welcome your approach directly. However if you decide to continue with the employment of Mr Benitez or appoint an alternative candidate next summer i will be right behind you. Good luck with your decision.

Yours sincerely,