My Letter to Jeremy Peace the West Bromwich Albion Chairman regarding Peter Odemwingie

by Teekosey

What’s the best way to fight against player power? It isnt to lose the club a few million and be stuck with a bad apple in my opinion.  Read my letter to Baggies chairman Mr Peace below regarding the shenanigans that occured on transfer deadline day this past Janaury.  Leave a comment below or ‘tweet’ me @teekosey

Jeremy Peace
West Bromwich Albion Football Club
The Hawthorns
West Bromwich
West Midlands
B71 4LF

5 February 2013

Mr Pearce,

I am writing to you with regards to the recent Peter Odemwingie transfer deadline day situation. I am not a fan of West Bromwich Albion or Queens Park Rangers therefore I have no vested interest in the transfer of the player, but I am keen to clarify your stance on the matter.

Neither, it should be noted, am I writing to condone the recent behaviour of Mr Odemwingie, but I believe that it was in your best interest to allow the player to leave and I will accordingly explain my view on the matter.

As an outsider looking in it appears to me that the club have stood firm in an act against player power. An act that will be applauded by many. The club had no desire to be relieved of one of their players, which is understandable. This is a player who until recently had been a success, value for money and a fan favourite. However for reasons unknown the player made his desire to leave the club public. Once a player’s head has been turned or the player has made a decision to leave it appears to be difficult to persuade the player to stay without unsavoury/unsatisfactory repercussions.

My opinion is that as a representative of the club dealing with transfers you have the responsibility to act in the best interests of the club. In this instance that would be to obtain a fair price for the player with a suitor, within the timeframe that is in place (the window). I say a fair price, as a player’s value can surely only be determined by what someone else is willing to pay and by what the player gives to the club. Under normal transfer conditions a hypothetical figure would have been assigned to any potential transfer of Mr Odemwingie and you would merely wait for that price to be triggered by a suitable bid thus confirming the player’s value. However, in this case the player has been retained past the point of transfer. It may now be the case that he will stay until the transfer window opens once again in the summer. As the player has repeated his desire to leave since the window’s closure this leaves the club with a player who has the desire to play for other clubs, a manager who has a player he cannot trust, a squad who have a team mate who they know is not fighting the same cause and the fans someone to hate. Because of all the above reasons, which have left Mr Odemingies reputation in tatters, his value must be fraction of what could have been received. Time will tell if the above statement is true, but as I hypothesise that his game time will be limited it is highly probable.

We now live in a world where the players hold all the aces; it’s a world where agents and the media are perpetually talking up transfers. Because of this it is very difficult to have morals and values particularly in this instance. The player’s actions forced you into a position to accept less than your valuation, but your own actions in not compromising have resulted in the likelihood of a significant loss to the club. I have written this letter from the viewpoint of a reasonable fan. Yes, I am sure there are countless West Bromwich Albion fans that have the opinion that he should rot in the reserves. But is this in the best interests of the fans or the club? Granted the only ideal scenario is that the club received an inflated offer for the player. In its absence I repeat that a compromise with the best interests of the club should have been taken. So bearing that in mind I am keen to discover the reason, which made you take these actions.