My Letter to Paul Gazza Gascoigne with an offer of chicken amongst other more pressing things

by Teekosey

Paul Gascoigne is one of my genuine heros. A fan favourite whose genius was never quite fulfilled as a player. We will never know what would have happened had Sir Alex got his hands on him, but still he’s a hero of all the main teams he played for as well as being an England Legend.

Pauls never quite come to grips with being out of the game, so I’ve written this letter following the recent news of him falling off the wagon badly and being sent to USA for treatment by his close friends. I believe that he must have something to offer the game that made him a household name and I kind of hope that deep down it’s what he wants.

6 February 2013

Dear Paul,

Having seen the news reports this past weekend and stories that have continued to make front-page news I felt compelled to write to you to give you a few words of comfort. Why? Because your one of my heros.

My first emotional connection with the beautiful game came like many others at Euro 96. I may have only been 13 years old at the time but I was choked when we went out. However my overriding memory of the tournament was your goal vs. Scotland. It is one of the best goals ever scored and a memory I will never forget.

I was sad to read about your recent struggle, but there does appear to be friends out there who are prepared to help you. Something that many others do not have. I congratulate you on accepting the helping hand they have provided and sincerely hope that together you can beat your demons and move forward with a safe and happy life. Trust me, if you every want to just chill out, watch a game, talk football and eat some good chicken come by and say hello I will make time.

What I really wanted to write you about is something I remember you saying some years back when you made an appearance one evening on Match of the Day as a guest pundit. I believe it was it following a discussion about Tottenham’s Aaron Lennon. You made a statement along the lines that there are a lack of players these day that are able or prepared to run with the ball and take players on using skill and cunning. It’s a viewpoint I agree with. I remember thinking at the time that why doesn’t Gazza do something about this. Is there anyone out there more qualified than Paul ‘Gazza’ Gascoigne to teach skills, tricks and technique to the kids of today that will be superstars of tomorrow? What with the new St Georges Park Football Centre being recently opened I am positive there is a place for you within Team England.

Coaching may not seem like it can replace the feeling that scoring goals that fans like me will never forget but it can be just as rewarding. I’m sure it will not be easy but it’s got to be worth it. You have so much to offer and are in the unique position to impart your wisdom, knowledge and experience. You may not think that it is true, but the highs and lows in and out of the game put you in a position to help others.

I hope that this letter finds you and I sincerely hope that you get through this finding something that keeps you busy and gets the most out of Paul Gascoigne.