Email to ITV Sport regarding the camera angles at Tottenham’s White Hart Lane

by Teekosey

EDIT: This has been further discussed by a letter to Tottenham Hotspur Click here 1/8/13


The other week I came home from a busy day and decided to relax with a beer and watch the Tottenham vs Lyon Europa League first leg tie. However after a matter of moments something did not feel right. I quickly worked out that it was the camera angle. Compared with the angle of most televised games the camera position was far too low as well as being too close to pitch side. This meant that in order for the camera to keep up with play as it moved from end to end, the camera had to travel relatively quickly. Personally my eyes could not keep up with the game and focus adequately. It was not an enjoyable experience. I quickly scoured some relevant forums to see if it was just me. It wasn’t. I noticed countless complaints about the camera angle. So I penned a short email basically saying what I’ve said above and that I would not be continuing to watch the ITV presentation, which was true. I sent the email to Niall Sloane who is the controller of sport on ITV. Surprising the next day I received an email response from Paul McNamara who is the Match Director. His response as follows

Niall passed on your comments to me. In champions and Europa league
uefa give us a choice of gantrys. The higher gantry at spurs is felt
to be too toppy and very far away from play. Although the Lower gantry
is not perfect,it is in my opinion better for television . However I
appreciate your comments and Am sorry that you could not enjoy the
game fully.
Thanks for taking the time to contact us
Best wishes
Paul( match director)

After receiving this response it occurred to me that I had noticed this view on ITV before and did not enjoy it that time either. It’s strange that ITV specifically use this location. Sky use the higher angle and use the lower I would assume for replays etc.. I’ve managed to get some screen grabs from the ‘internet’ to illustrate what I have been saying.

Tottenham vs Lyon on ITV


Tottenham vs Arsenal on Sky


It may be pedantic. I am sure people are thinking that. But I did not speak to one person after that game that thought the view was better than the view Sky and BBC use week in week out apart from ITV match Director Paul McNamara. Spurs will be playing Internazionale this week likely to be televised in full or in part by ITV so it will be interesting to see if they persist with the position of the camera angle.