My Letter to Bradford City Manager Phil Parkinson

by Teekosey

Very simple this one. Just some good ol fashioned congratulations. They may have fallen at the final hurdle and got totally wiped out, but what a journey. The letter may sound like a dig a modern football and indeed it is, but to clarify in general I am a fan of modern football. Well done Bradford and fair play to Swansea.

Phil Parkinson
Bradford City Football Club Limited
Coral Windows Stadium
Valley Parade
West Yorkshire

1 March 2013

Mr Parkinson,

You do not need me to tell you what an achievement being a finalist in the Capital One Cup was, but I am going to.

They will say this feat will be forgotten. They will say that it is the same as Millwall and Cardiff getting to the finals of the FA Cup some years back, but I do not agree. The same people will say that the romance in cup competition football is dead. However, it is clearly alive and thriving. Will this accomplishment be matched again? It’s possible, sure, but I for one would bet against it.

The irony of modern football is that cup competition football in the UK is generally disrespected by the top sides. We can all remember Manchester United sowing those seeds over ten years ago and it has got worse and worse with each passing year. Teams like Arsenal have become famous for playing their ‘kids’, but this is where the irony grabs them by the balls as they’ve gone out with full strength sides in recent years.

Bradford City Football Club, the highlight of UK football in 2013. In a season dominated by the reality of yet another international failure, fan power going too far, the continuation of ludicrous spending by the top dogs and player power being taking to the absolute limit it is a genuine pleasure that the under-under dog almost went all the way and by virtue of doing so became a winner in the eyes of most football fans.

Phil, it really is a fantastic achievement. Do not forget that; do not forget how you did it. I wish you all the best in the future and hope you continue to make strides with your career.

Yours Sincerely,