My Letter to Rafa Benitez following another Rafa rant

by Teekosey

This is a couple of weeks old and some might say it was a storm in a teacup. Maybe it was maybe it wasn’t. But I like to back a manager. Fans these days are prepared to accept short term pain for long term gain in order to get a manager out. Because lets face it hostility to your own will never breed success. What needs to be appreciated is that it’s not always rosy on the other side. See the former employers of Curbishley, Megson, McCarthy, Kean and co for prime examples. The mere fact that Rafa the gaffer was appointed on a short term basis and considering Abramovich’s record for keeping managers he was never going to last long. Therefore back the manager and if you achieve it is a brucey bonus. Fact.

Mr Rafael Benitez
Chelsea Football Club
Stamford Bridge
Fulham Road

1 March 2013

Mr Benitez,

I have just been reading about what the press is describing as another ‘Rafa rant’. I actually agree with you. The team has massively fallen away in recent weeks due to its home form. Whilst I haven’t been to Stamford Bridge during this time, from what I have read and seen on the television I can see that the atmosphere has been somewhat hostile.

It is another aspect of how fan power is coming to the fore. Poor old Steve Kean suffered this treatment last year and it was widely perceived that it was fair, something I still do not understand.

I do not support Chelsea FC. My team has over the years under achieved with a variety of managers who clearly under performed, but there has never been a time where the fans have collectively tried to get the manager the sack. I am sure you will agree that you should be judged on your performance and if that falls short of the mark it is time to move on.

You have not been given the chance and for that reason I feel sorry for you. No offence, but you were obviously not a popular choice and as you say the ‘Interim’ tag has not helped this as the fans have always seen you as a temporary measure, but I personally would have given you a chance (in fact I put £10 on that you will win the league at the time of appointment). Ultimately the fans will suffer from their own actions in this instance.

Good luck Rafa with your next venture, you are clearly a capable manager with a proven record, but Chelsea FC unfortunately was not the right appointment. I look forward to seeing your next position within the game and genuinely hope you last the season out at Stamford Bridge and the fans give you a break.