Response to My Letter to Jeremy Pearce the West Bromwich Albion Chairman regarding Odemwingie

by Teekosey


You may remember my letter to Jeremy Pearce some months back regarding the Odemwingie fiasco, to read that

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As you can see from the letter below the reply is brief. But that’s what i like about it. I waffled to Mr Pearce but i posed a question and the fella answered it simply. The letter is at the bottom of the page for your viewing but briefly i will go into some post fiasco Odemwingie ‘facts’


At the time of the transfer deadline West Brom had been eliminated from both cups therefore they only needed a squad capable of participating in the EPL. At the time of writing there have been ten fixtures since the January 31st. Surprisingly Peter has featured in 5 games. That’s 50%. However in this time he has only amassed a meagre 88 minutes of playing action out of a possible 900+ minutes. In the short pitch time made available he has neither scored or assisted. Prior to this he has featured in 18 games chipping in with 5 goals and 3 assists (not mind blowing but comparable with his team mates at the time). In fact he scored in his last pre deadline day game.


One of the most interesting parts of this story is Peter’s twitter account. He obviously has a great grasp of english as well as it’s humour and works the account well. I think he deleted a fair few posts from looking at it today, but it still proves an interesting read if you have time the real shame with the Odemwingie fiasco is the way he went about getting the fans to turn on him as a way of forcing the owners to sell him. Fans are fickle, but reputations are difficult to repair, particularly when the player in question in well in to his early 30’s with only a few seasons at the top remaining. From what we hear and see Peter seem like a guy who is not too bother by public opinion but i am sure he will look back at this time in his life with some disappointment at the way it has transpired. As i implied in my letter its highly unlikely that he will get much playing time and the club will look to ship him out. He must be looking at a non UK club and the fees for club is likely to be a pittance which is a real shame for the fans of WBA. Hopefully the matter resolves itself well for both player and club in the end.

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Anyway this is the response from Mr Pearce.

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