My Letter to Shebby Singh regarding the ongoing shambles at Blackburn Rovers FC

by Teekosey

Blackburn Rovers, the club that just keeps on giving. What is going on. They started the season as one of the favourites for automatic promotion despite the fans unrest and look like only just escaping from relegation. This is another letter to BRFC, this time to the advisor of the owners. They came with huge dreams of tempting superstars to the club but have only unsettled the club in every possible way. Note: I gave away my age in this letter.

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Shebby Singh
Global Advisor
Blackburn Rovers Football Club
Ewood Park,

9 April 2012

Dear Mr Singh,

Where were you in 1995? Myself, I was 13-year-old kid doing what 13 year olds do. If I am brutally honest it was a fairly unmemorable year for me. In the time it has taken me to type the first few lines of this letter I have tried to think of something memorable from 1995 and nope, I’ve got nothing. Now, had I been the same person in every single possibly way with the exception of my footballing persuasion the way I remember 1995 could be somewhat different.

In 1995 Blackburn Rovers Football Club won the third ever English Premier League title. They remain to this day one of only five teams to ever lift that trophy, considering 45 teams have participated since it’s inception that is some exclusive history. Fast forward to 2013 and the club lies in 22nd (out of 24) position in the Championship, having been relegated last season and are in the unenviable position of recently disposing of their third full time manager of the current season.

Whilst some may say that this is karma for the way the fans treated Steve Kean throughout his tenure as manager you have to look at the way the club is currently being run. Earlier in the season I heard you speaking on one of the national radio stations about your position, the relationship with the owners and the vision they had for the club. You seemed like a likeable guy with some answers but what was clear to me was that the outlook never seemed bright for the Blackburn faithful.

The big mistake was allowing Steve Kean to work into the season. Whilst I do not agree with the fans and their behaviour, a decision to relieve him of his duties prior to the commencement of the season should have been taken. Instead he was allowed to re-model the squad and oversee the team for the opening months of the season. When he left the club was in the upper section of the league table and adequately competing. Since his departure the club have employed two inexperienced managers, one of which infact heavily criticised the club and its owner weeks before his appointment.

What’s going on Mr Singh? I would question your position if I understood what you did. All I can make out is that you are, as a football man, the voice of the owners. Would it not have been prudent to bring someone in with experience of the EPL and The Football League to assist you? At the very least bring in an experienced if not highly regarded coach to oversee the football side of the club. Funnily enough last week Neil Warnock was relieved of his duties at Leeds United FC (I am not recommending you appoint him before I go on any further) and in an interview he gave since he brought up an interesting point. He said that foreign owners who lack knowledge of the game need a footballing person between them and the manager. A director of football some might say. You may even say that you are that man in this instance. For me it has to be a person qualified by experience and capable of implementing sound strategies.

I began writing this letter when the club were 18th and since then 2 further defeats have left the club falling to 22nd and right in the thick of the relegation battle. Something needs to change. Experience. Knowhow. Stability. Planning. It may well be too late for the club this season.

You are the man who is at Blackburn Rovers in 2013. Are you the man prepared to accept that you oversaw of one of the biggest falls from grace in British football?