My Letter to EA Sports regarding FIFA 13

by Teekosey

What do you do in you free time, when not being completely annoying or trying to plough through life’s day to day shiteness i hear you say. Well i tend to play FIFA 13 on the Xbox 360. Couple of on-line ‘seasons ‘games with a cold beer is the perfect way yo unwind from a hard days work, that’s a fact officially. I do not play Ultimate Team, because frankly it’s piss poor. Despite probably needing submission to the priory to be weaned of playing the game, there are a number of issues i find very frustrating! I’ve documented them below in the letter, see if you agree. No idea if i’ve sent the letter to the right person, but hey ho.

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The Letter

David Rutter
FIFA 13 Executive Producer
4330 Sanderson Way
British Columbia
V5G 4X1

21 May 2013
Dear Mr Rutter,

I have now been playing the FIFA series semi religiously since around about 1996 on a range of platforms (SNES, Mega Drive, PS1, PC, PS2, Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo DS, iphone & iPad etc..) Whilst there was some flirting with the Pro Evo series, FIFA appears to have won out in that battle fairly comfortably.

Before you discard this im not writing to complaint about servers or Ultimate Team. For clarity I am an Xbox 360 user. I play the game more than a 30 year old probably should. Therefore I am keenly able to identify the annoyances I have with the game. They are three fold. They have been part of the game for a number of years and each year when the new version arrives I expect the issues to have been ironed out, but inevitably they haven’t. I find it strange as these are my biggest bugbears and I’m sure they must annoy others and with such a large usership they must have been drawn to your attention previously.

Firstly, something that seems obvious. Kit clashes with the ref. This seems to have been an inherent defect with the game since Jesus was a boy. To me it is more prominent when I play seasons online fixtures. My opponents eight times out of ten has a kit clash with the ref. Some people may think im exaggerating this and that there are very few kit clashes, but I think its important to point out that it differs when the players are small on the screen the darker colours are not distinguishable enough from a black shirt of the ref per se. Surely this is schoolboy. How simple would this be to avoid using a bit of common sense? Last night I played 2 games one vs Arsenal and one vs Portugal the referee had a red shirt on both ocassions… ill say no more on the subject.

Secondly, an element of game play. When a goalkeeper kicks the ball out it is very easy for the opposing defender to head the ball back towards the penalty area and on most occasions onto the run of an attacker who has a one on one opportunity. Whilst this can happen in real life, how often do we see this? This has been a problem in the last three version of the game. I was positive it would not be part of FIFA 13.

Lastly, the volley from a rebound cleared effort. This happens in the majority of set pieces when a defender heads the ball out or the ball is cleared. An attacker rushes the ball, strikes it and it sail out of the stands. Does not matter if you have Lionel Messi or Emile Heskey the outcome is the same. Granted, in real life, a volley like this rarely actually goes in. However, typically there is a fair percentage of volley strikes that sail towards the goal.

Ultimately the game is great, but to iron out these annoyances would be great for players that play the game a great deal. I play the game a lot but I’m sure there are guys that spent most of their life in front of the screen so it would be nice to attend to these problems on the next instalment or in an update.


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