Letter from Nike Regarding Soccertriads Maxxsoccer Soccerscorpion selling fake shirts

by Teekosey

I have been meaning to write about this website/individual/company for some time. I believe they work under a number of names.

EDIT: Please do not buy from any of the fake shirt sellers discussed in this blog. 24/07/13

The Website

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Basically they are websites that sells football shirts at crazy prices. i.e around £20.  Anyone that’s bought a replica in recent times is probably thinking that its the deal of the century.  At the time of writing I am ordering the new Nike England Shirt from Sports Direct for my son that has names and numbers printed and in exchange i am handing over the princely sum of £52.99 to Mike Ashley without shipping!! So were talking about real discount prices.


Current SoccerScorpian webpage selling next season Barca shirt for £18

In the past i have bought shirts from Soccer Triads on two previous occasions.  The first time i thought they were legit. Laughable really but yes i thought they were just cheap. So I’ve had adults size Barcelona from 3/4 years ago and the Dragon away shirt for Inter Milan a couple of seasons back.  Both were of reasonable quality.  Stitching on the badge of the barca one was a bit suspect. But overall first impressions were good.  Having said that the  numbers on the Inter one fell apart after a few washes.  I looked for the shirts earlier but it appears that I’ve thrown them out or sent to the charity shop, so cant upload any picture of them, unfortunately.

After the Inter purchase i did Google the company for feedback, particularly after i contacted the site to basically complain about the quality and received a ‘shirty’ response. During my googling i found the blog of Leonard Challis and in particular this blog entry from 2010.


It’s a fairly amusing but true account of his experience with the site.  He intended to get the England shirt prior to World Cup 2010 and received it after we had exited the tournament. In a gesture of good will Soccer Triads offered Leonard a discount if he used the site again and provided him with a discount code.  The code was ‘CUN2’. Its well worth a read of the blog to get the full story on his dealing with the site.

Now, despite my experience of the site and the knowledge that they give bad customer service I still decided I would go back for a third time. So at the turn of the new season 2012 i opted to order the Santos replica shirt with none other than Neymar Jr on the back.  How cool was i going to be? A thirty year old chap impressing all the cool kids with a shirt no one else was sporting (still haven’t seen anyone wearing one). I took the plunge and made the investment of £24.00. For clarity i will now provide a time line of events from that moment.

  • 20/09/2012 – Order made for £24 (via Google checkout)
  • 26/09/2012 – Email stating dispatch (6 days to dispatch)
  • 26/10/2012 – I contacted the seller via google checkout enquiring where my goods were (dispatched 1 month ago)
  • 05/11/2012 – Second chase up email through google checkout
  • 06/11/2012 – Response from seller (Kevin) through google checkout, below

Our support has now changed to a ticket system and EMAILS ARE NO LONGER BEING REPLIED TO.  Please open a ticket here: http://soccertriads.hesk.com/index.php?a=add and quote the order number.
Thanks & regards

  • 06/11/2012 – Replied and advised that i would only contact through Google checkout.
  • 13/11/2012 – Emailed through Google checkout around lunchtime to complain about another week going by and plainly asking whether i am going to receive it or not. (7 weeks since shipped)

So its pretty obvious that i wasn’t a happy camper at this point.  The shirt had been dispatched 7 weeks ago. It should have been able to arrive within this time from anywhere in the world even with the cheapest shipping deal possible.  The seller was not happy to discuss the order through the Google checkout system presumably as the message would be stored and could be monitored by Google checkout. I’m sure had i opened a ticket on his site to discuss the order he would have just fobbed me off. That day i got home to find a letter in the post.  As i pulled out the letter from the envelope i immediately noticed the Nike logo in the corner, big boy shit.

As you can see from the letter below the package of one shirt had been detained by the UK Borders Agency at Heathrow  airport. They confirmed the goods were counterfeit. They requested that i abandon ownership of the package and return a signed document by email within 3 days of the received letter. In addition to this they advised that Nike reserves all rights to issue proceedings seeking an injunction, damages and costs. Woah, breath mate.

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Letter from Nike

First things first, i considered the facts. I wasn’t getting my Neymar Jr shirt.  Disappointing, but i wasn’t going to accept losing my £24 particularly with possible costly legal battle vs Nike.

  • 13/11/2012 – I requested a refund via Google checkout, including scanned images of the correspondence by Nike.
  • 16/11/2012 – Response by Google Checkout to confirm refund and to advise that they no longer allow Soccer Triads to process orders vis their site.

So that was sweet, i got my refund. But i had to address the issue of the Nike letter. What annoyed me wasn’t that they had confiscated a counterfeit item.  It was what they had accused me of being.  The letter asks me to sign a document that confirms that i will no longer be importing counterfeit items. I’m sorry but hold up a minute. Am i importing goods? Hell no. I merely purchased a single item on a website that portrayed that they were a genuine outfit, even Google were processing the orders!.  In my mind that is a massive difference.   I sent an email on the same day to the address provided in the letter. I advised the addressee that i was disgusted with the tone and the accusation within the letter.  I got no response. A few days letter i sent a chase up email.  And again a few days later.  In all email i requested an apology.  I would have continued had it not been that i stumbled across this article on-line.


One of the craziest story ever.  A guy buys a pair of trainers on-line.  They turn out to be fake.  Nike sues the guy for trademark infringement and WINS. Judge determined that it was irrelevant that the guy did not know they were fake.  Come on that makes a mockery of the justice system. People in the wrong, the manufacturer and the vendor.  Not the customer!!!!! Take this scenario. I walk down to my local second hand car dealer.  I buy a motor without doing a HPI check of my own. I take the salesman’s word on the motor. I then get stopped the next day by the old bill for driving a stolen vehicle. Who is in the wrong? Am i the criminal for being in possession of the car?  Hell No. Here are the facts. Someone stole the car, who is the criminal. The salesman was negligent for not ensuring the vehicle was legit or sold knowingly.  Whereas i was just naive about the whole thing.  This is exactly the same as Soccer Triads and Co. I’d like someone to give me a common sense reason or explanation as to why I’m wrong, not technical bullshit or jargon, shoot.


SoccerTriads current Facebook page 4k ‘likes’ and recent posts

So basically i decided to leave it be and see how it went. I haven’t heard anything since and hopefully i wont. Its definitely turned me off buying stuff on-line in this way ‘just in case’. The joke of this story is that the vendor continues to operate, as i said he just changed the name of the site and sells thousands of shirts each month on a world wide basis. I bet Nike haven’t done a thing to him.

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