Response from EA Sports Regarding my letter about FIFA 13

by Teekosey

So I like many people play FIFA 13 a lot.  Therefore I am one of the millions who are both obsessed with it and find it incredibly annoying.  I wrote to EA Sports all the way out in Canada.  I paid the correct postage! I wrote David Rutter, who appears to be one of the top dogs in the FIFA gaming world. I am not sure if they have had many people write in but hey i got a response.  My original letter can be found here.

My letter to EA Sports Click here

So before i go further with the letter response, please remember to read through the blog and check out letters i have sent and received. We are talking about Liverpool, Swansea, Tottenham, West Brom, Chelsea, The FA, PSG, Glasgow Rangers etc.. and a number of individuals.  Please Follow me on twitter and let me know what you think of my Football Sticker illustrations.

The response did not come on headed note paper which is ultimately disappointing to be frank. However they did enclose two gifts which was a pleasant surprise.  They were a FIFA 13 scarf and a FIFA 13 ‘steel case’.  SAD FACTS —> when i was opening the package i thought they had sent me an early edition of FIFA 14. Classic.  Never mind.  In fact its a metal case, with no game in it, so i guess the thought is that i could store my game in it instead of the plastic case.  Unfortunately due to being poorly packaged the case was bent and scarf was torn. Oh well as me mum always says its better than a kick up the bracket.

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Free Gifts

So you can see from the letter, someone’s read it and said that they will consider the contents but lets be real, ultimately its being discarded.  In 3 months time i will exchange 50 notes with the man for FIFA 14 and i can almost guarantee the Goalkeeper glitch will be in it.  Nice to get a kind response though.  See you in 3 months for an update as this one might run and run with me.

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The Letter