My Letter to Manchester United’s Ashley Young regarding that dive

by Teekosey

My second letter in a row that deals with the tricky issue of simulation in football. Whilst my previous letter tackled the stance referees have taken, this letter addresses the issue of the perpetrators.

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On Saturday 14 September 2014 Manchester United Winger Ashley Young committed simulation in order to gain an unfair advantage in the Premier League Match against recently promoted Crystal Palace. Jonathan Moss the referee that afternoon correctly called the situation and gave Young a Yellow card. Ironically later in the game Young won a penalty decision. However, this act of simulation that warranted the the booking was not the first time Young has been guilty of ‘falling over’. As Premier League fans it is fairly easy to picture certain player when diving is discussed Suarez, Ronaldo, Bale etc.. Young has been the centre of this controversy for a number of year. Some may have felt that he has mended his way, but surely it just reflect the amount of games he has featured in during the past 18 months, until that dive. I took the time to write to Ashley Young and ask to pull his socks up. Time will tell Whether he will.


Mr Ashley Young
Manchester United Football Club Limited
Aon training Complex
Birch Road off Isherwood Road
M31 4BH

25 September 2013

I have closely followed your career since you made your Premier League debut in 2006 for Watford Football Club. Despite never really nailing down a position with England I have championed you for the national side’s left wing particularly due to those three Player of the Month Awards you received in 2008 for exceptional performances whilst on the books at Aston Villa Football Club. Who doesn’t like a goal scoring midfield that is prepared to actually run at defenders. I was particularly please when Sir Alex Ferguson took a punt and a creative wide man, that was English.

As you can see I’ve been a fan for a while. However something disappointed me in recent weeks. That dive. Last year you stated that you are neither a cheat nor a diver. However, the evidence is clear in this instance. You purposefully kicked out your leg to initiate contact with a defenders leg. Whilst typing this letter I did a brief search online and found that YouTube is littered with short video clips depicting simulation which you are involved in.

Maybe it’s because you signed for a club the size of Manchester United, but the regularity of these incidents increased to a level by which you now have a reputation as a diver. You will say that it’s unfair. Granted maybe it is, maybe others that have been as guilty as you have gone unnoticed possibly due to their nationality or their club, but it does not change the fact that your reputation is somewhat tarnished.

What disappoints me the most as a fan is the method of simulation that you have adopted in most cases. Take Gareth Bale for example. Last season he recorded a record number of bookings for simulation. Was he diving? Was he unfairly treated? Probably a bit of both if you look at the instances. However, in his case he was running at pace, contact was made or he anticipated contact and dropped. Compare this with your examples. The difference is always the trailing leg in an unnatural position. This gives the impression that you are trying to gain an advantage, unfairly.

In recent days I have read certain articles saying that the England national team needs a player that is prepared to bend the rules and that the ends justify the means. These articles refer to you. As an England fan I do not believe this is the case. I want players that I can enjoy watching and that the kids can look up to. You are a player capable of being described in that way. I once said that you were capable of being England’s star man and a potential EPL Player of the Year. I was laughed at, at the time, unfairly I thought. I still believe it and think that you still have the potential, despite being 28 years of age, to realise my prediction.

Don’t waste your talent, drag that reputation up from the gutter and shut up people like me and the media at larger in the best way possible.


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