My second letter to EA Sports regarding FIFA 14

by Teekosey

They probably think I’m a pain in the arse, but i have written to EA about FIFA again. In all honesty i bloody love the game. Maybe if i didn’t these few minor instances would not bother me. But, they do. I play the game regularly on-line and with my son. We both love it. To read my first letter click here and to read their kind response click here. I am sure everyone will say that if they ironed out these annoyances, id find more. Possibly right, but then you do not hear me complaining about lag or cheaters, i am just looking for some refinements to the game.

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The Second letter

David Rutter

FIFA 14 Executive Producer
4330 Sanderson Way
British Columbia
V5G 4X1

29 January 2014
Dear Mr Rutter,

I wrote a letter to you on 21 May 2013 regarding FIFA 13. As you may recall I have been an avid FIFA player for some 15+ years. Currently my weapon of choice is an Xbox 360, if only we could all afford and Xbox One. The reason for my letter was simple. There were a small number of issues with the game that concerned or annoyed me. I appreciate that when I sent the letter that FIFA14 was no doubt practically complete and anything that you could have taken from my letter may have missed the boat. Regardless I have decided to write to you again, after 4 month of playing FIFA 14, with an update of my issues.

Kit Clashes

I predominately play online within the seasons mode. Kit clashes in this mode are a regular occurrence between one team and the ref. It seems to be more frequent when one of the teams has a red jersey. The game determines that the ref bizarrely should also have a red one. I cannot remember a version of the game on the 360 where this has not been problem. Because of that it is obviously an inherent problem. I also find that there is a similar issue with the ball being the same colour as one of the kits, usually my opponent (I’ll say no more). Most commonly blue or red. Both of these clashes put me at a significant disadvantage, which I believe is unnecessary. Maybe its because my eyes are slightly sensitive but even then, I’m sure it annoys people with superb eyesight. A good comparable is the recent Manchester City vs West Ham United match. On close inspection the kits were largely different but when sitting on the sofa and watching the television set the closeness of the colours was not significant enough. I have attached a few poor quality pictures I have taken in the just in the last week from my phone of kit clashes. I am no computer genius, but surely this is an easy piece of code that can be rectified in an update? Its seem crazy that such a great a complex game can be created and silly little things like this are missed.

Goal Kicks

Again I mentioned this last year. When a goalkeeper kicks the ball out the opposing centre half can head the ball back into the keeper’s direction and a striker can be through on goal evading the offside trap with no defenders within 10 yards. Yes, this can happen in real life, but 8 times out of ten? Maybe this is an issue with how players receive, challenge for and take the ball down in the air. Either way, because throwing the ball out to your own defender is not always simple in this game it creates a particularly frustrating element of game play. Similar I have noticed opponents using some kind of glitch in order the take cent run 10-15 yards into their half then lob the ball all the way into my penalty area which is willing received by an unmarked striker. Whilst this does not annoy me like the keeper issue, I feel they are one and the same.


This is predominantly on the edge of the box when a ball is cleared from the penalty area following a corner etc.. I have never hit the target. Please note, I am not expecting to do a Paul Scholes each game. The ball seems to move more closely to the goal in this version than the last but some players should be able to hit the target occasionally.


This is new for FIFA 14. The games online are more often than not taking place in heavy rain. I hate it. I have a feeling that you will say something like it mirrors real life weather. But surely these games are escapism. One afternoon I had to suffer 8 games of rain in a row. Weather should be a setting choice before you search for an opponent.

It would just be nice if these issues could be resolved somehow. The weather and the kits must surely be more of a flick of a switch to you guys, so a change in an update would be brilliant. I accept the other two issues are significantly more problematic as it is an issue with the mechanics of the game.

Again I will congratulate you on another fantastic game. A game that keeps me occupied far more than it should or I have time for. My son and I spend many a weekend afternoon with FIFA whilst listening as the scores come in. Thanks for taking the time to read this letter.


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