Response from the FA regarding my letter about the latest Nike England Shirt

by Teekosey

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I received a response from the FA. However just like my letters to Stuart Pearce click here regarding the Olympics and David Bernstien click here regarding the British home championship the response came from everyone’s favourite Customer Relations person at the FA Tracey Bates. Did Fa head honcho Greg Dyke ever see the letter, highly unlikely.

So, I am writing this blog post on the 12th day of the World Cup and we have already be eliminated. In fact we were eliminated 3 days ago. Two defeats to Italy and Uruguay. Both 2-1 score lines. A promising performance in the first games was followed by an absolutely appalling one in the second. Many people will highlight individual errors, the retaining of older players too long or that our players just are not as good as think they are. My opinion is that our players are good. In fact I believe our squad was fairly reasonable. The difference between us and a Chile, a Holland, a Uruguay, a Belgium or a France is down to how we come together as a team. The EPL is now an exhibition for the world best players, therefore there is no identity to English football in the way there was in the past (442 with wingers, 2 striker and ball winners in the middle) or how there is in South America or on the continent. The top English players benefit from the top foreign imports sadly. This is most evidenced in the culture of the English player, most specifically in their ability to move and create space. Were just incapable. For more reading on this see my submission to the FA’s inquiry click here. Rant over.

Back to the kit, the money making machine of the FA, is just another highly forgettable shirt. To read my letter to the FA click here and see the response below. My key issues were primarily the frequency of this additional kit and the cost. Ironically a few weeks back i noticed that everyone’s favourite cheap as chips fashion superstore Primark were selling a plain white standard Tshirt with an official badge sewn on for £8. Go figure.

As you can see from the response, its pretty flimsy. To make the argument that they ‘made it known at the start’ about the new kit cycles so that fans could make the decision to buy it or not is wholly pathetic and somewhat embarrassing. Are they really expecting to release a kit and people not to buy it. Disgusting. To then go on and say they don’t want to sell cheaper shirts because fans want to have the exact replica of what the players use and it’s benefit strengthens my point in the letter regarding the more expensive shirt. All in all another unsatisfactory response and as I said this shirt has left and unsavoury taste in the mouth of everyone concerned because its represents failure and embarrassment. Lets see if this kit is still used in April 2016. I think not!!

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Primark Special for £8 before the tournament, now probably a pound.

The Received response from the FA

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